Benefits Of Hiring A Luxury VIP Model & Porn Star Companion in Miami!

Listen, I don’t judge anyone about anything that they do. I mean I’m a swinger that attends sex parties almost every weekend and has sex with multiple men, and multiple women, at the same time…so trust me, I don’t judge anyone when it comes to their sexual needs, desires, or dating companions.

For instance, many of my sexy female friends are sugar babies that only date men that buy them things and pay for their rent. They have no problem living this lifestyle, but they do tell me that their “sugar daddies” get very possessive and act as if they own their “sugar babies”. But again, my “sugar baby” girlfriends really don’t want to work and would rather hang out with an older man for a designer purse and having their rent paid for instead of having to get a job and work for their things.

Then two of my really hot female friends are strippers and they fly to Vegas every weekend to dance, strip, and give lap dances at the top strip clubs on the Las Vegas strip, and they make a TON of money.

They do tell me that it’s a lot of work and that it sucks having to deal with really drunk guys that sometimes treat them like garbage. Plus they’re around so much cigarette smoke from the strip clubs that they’ll probably need lung transplants by the time they’re 30 years old.

Then I have one female friend who lives in Miami that gets paid as a VIP model to go on dates with men, and couples as well, as an escort/companion. She’s super hot, very smart, really loves meeting new people, and loves being a VIP luxury companion for men. She just started working at the Luxury Companion agency Sunshine Angels where her co-workers include some of the hottest, and sexiest, female porn stars in the industry today! If I was a guy I would so hire one of the VIP models or porn star companions from Sunshine Angels because their girls are so HOT!!!

I asked her what the benefits are for men in Miami to hire her, or a different luxury companion from Sunshine Angels for that matter, and after she explained them to me they really made a lot sense.

Benefit #1 – Sunshine Angels VIP Model & Porn Star Companions Connect on a Deeper Level

Hiring an escort isn’t always about sex. Sometimes, men want intimacy, which is more on the emotional side.

These men and their wives may not have an intimate relationship as before because of various reasons, including tiredness from work and household chores, and taking care of the kids. They need someone that they can talk to and who will listen to them, and this is one of the reasons why some men hire an escort.

Also, Sunshine Angels are the perfect companions to discuss sex techniques with in an honest an open manner. They’re judgement free and have a lot of experience, so chances are whatever it is you’re looking to discuss they’ll have done it before and be able to help you learn more about it. The tips they’ll share you will change your sex life forever!

Benefit #2 – Sunshine Angels VIP Model & Porn Star Companions Love Going on Dates

We’ve all experienced times when we need a date for an upcoming event, whether it’s a wedding, work function, or even just something small. It may be because you want to keep up appearances amongst your colleagues, impress the ex that you know will also be in attendance, or simply because you don’t need your parents questioning your decisions once again as you attend yet another cousin’s wedding. Sunshine Angels VIP models and porn star companions make the perfect date for any event you want to bring a beautiful woman that you can wear as arm candy!

Benefit #3 – Sunshine Angels VIP Model & Porn Star Companions Will Help Men Boost Confidence

The VIP elite companions from Sunshine Angels are experienced professionals that will make you feel like a man! Just tell your Sunshine Angel what it is that makes you happy and they will do whatever it takes to help boost your confidence. Plus when people see you out and about with a Sunshine Angel wrapped around your arm they’ll be very impressed! Lots of guys take pictures of themselves having dinner with a Sunshine Angel and then when they post that pic to their online dating profiles they get more interest from the types of beautiful women that they hadn’t before posting the pic of him eating dinner with a super hot Sunshine Angel…for some reason women want to date men who have dated beautiful women in their past…there is something very intriguing about a man that dates beautiful Sunshine Angels!

If you’re sex game needs an update, they can help you get back in touch with some helpful verbal advice, and in turn teach you how to pleasure someone else in ways that you never knew were possible. This is particularly helpful for people who may be getting out of long-term relationships and are not yet ready to try and find an emotional connection with someone, but want to raise their confidence levels for when they do get to that point.

Benefit #4 – Sunshine Angels VIP Model & Porn Star Companions Help Men Fulfill Their fantasies

Another main reason as to why you should hire a luxury companion from Sunshine Angels is that she’ll help you fulfill your greatest desires and fantasies. All of the luxury companions love what they do, and they want you to love what they do even more! Just ask your Sunshine Angel what you love and she’ll do her best to help you with your request!

Benefit #5 – Finally, Sunshine Angels Let’s You Date Famous Porn Stars

All men, I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, have fantasized about going out on a date with a famous porn star at least a million times throughout their lives…..well Sunshine Angels is making every man’s dream come true by allowing them to hire the services of famous porn stars so they can hang out with them. Just imagine how jealous your friends will be when you show them pics and vids of the sexy porn stars that you have dated from Sunshine Angels!

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